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Why Lease?

If you are looking for a new vehicle there is another option to cash or traditional finance and that’s Leasing.

Leasing can be complicated. With phrases like Finance Lease, Contract Hire, Excess Mileage Fees, Sales Agency Fees it can be very confusing as to which way to go.

At CORGI Vans we make leasing a brand new van or car easy. Anyone can lease either through a business or personally. We listen to your requirements and help you to choose the right agreement for you.

So why lease?

You take delivery of a brand new vehicle for a fixed low monthly payment with just a small deposit, which releases your cash to invest in your business.

All vehicles we supply are brand new with manufacturer’s warranty, giving you the benefit of safety, reliability, better fuel economy and performance advancements associated with the latest up to date models.

Choose Contract Hire and there is no inconvenience of selling a used vehicle at the end of contract. Simply return it and walk away. Simply pick the make and model of car or van, set the term and mileage and away you go. No hassle of buying extended warranties and poor reliability associated with buying older second-hand vehicles.

You also have the option of including maintenance for an additional monthly fee.

Are you a business registered for VAT and Tax? Call us today for the latest advice as to the savings you can make by leasing your next vehicle.

You can trust CORGI Vans to help you make the right decisions when financing your next vehicle.